The New Bank of The Banks: Accecard

The heads of financial institutions, among the chief targets of cyber attackers, are in trouble with new malware. Kaspersky announced that the malicious software Accecard, which affects near-hand finance, could bypass security procedures at the Google Play store.

In the last quarter of 2015, Kaspersky assumed a sudden rise in malicious mobile banking systems in Australia and found Accecard as a result of continued research. The racecard is able to play the written and spoken messages in the application and redirect users to the target bank's official login page with the wrong information. At the same time, Accecard is trying to acquire users' information with many popular massaging like Facebook, Twitter, and PayPal. At the beginning of 2014, Accecard was not used to tackle any cheeses until the end of the closing year.

But within the last 3 months, it has been able to steal the knowledge of more than 6,000 users, mainly Russia, Australia, Germany, Austria, and France. Kaspersky officials point out that there are more than ten variants of Accecard trojan.

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