New Country Directed in Ddos?

The ultimate goal of the cybercriminals, who influenced to media companies, was the British journalist BBC. Just as the BBC was at the opening of the past year, this year also entered with a cheerleading attack. It was seen that the DDoS attack of the group New World Hacking was far above the attacks made up to this time. Arbor Networks officials say the biggest DDoS attack to date is 334 Gbps, and the attack on the BBC has reached 602 Gbps. But this information has not been confirmed since it has only been a short time since the attack. In recent years there has been an uptick in cyberattacks against the media. At the beginning of 2015, hackers working with ISES limited French TV 5 from broadcasting live for hours, then attacked Belgium's Le Soir paper and delayed the press for hours.

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