Media Institutions Bursting Advertisement

The websites of the world's leading media agencies were the target of malicious advertising-malvertising. The cyber attackers have placed malware ads on many of the websites visited by millions of people, including The New York Times, the BBC and Newsweek.

Hackers who have the opportunity to renew the domain's lifetime of a major digital advertising company are beginning to advertise to the popular websites mentioned by taking this domain name. Tens of thousands of users who clicked on Ads with the pest and TeslaCrypt ransom software were infected with these malware via the Angler exploit kit. TeslaCrypt encrypts the files and closes it to the user's access, while the user can load additional files by creating a backdoor on the user's computer.

Experts evaluating the attack pointed out that a sudden rise in malicious advertisement attacks occurred in March, and described the attackers behind this as a 'small but experienced' group.

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