Malware in The Hotel System Looks After 17 Months

Bravo attacks on global hotel chains remain without slowing down. Rosen Hotels in Florida has stated that there is malicious software in its systems that affects credit card sales for 17 months. The hotel administration, aware of the attack on the complaints coming to the bank after the customers realized that unauthorized transactions were made with their credit cards in February, published that they agreed with the security company on the incident.

The malicious software has been in hotel systems since September 2014, but no security officials have found it. The malware, which copied the memory of the computers storing the credit card information and transferred it to another center, was able to steal the card holder's name, card number, expiration date, and verification codes from the system.

He also publicly shared his knowledge that the hotel did not know exactly how much of his systems were affected by malware, but credit card information received more complaints every day from stolen customers.

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