Iranian Hackers Until The Dam in The Usa

Iranian hackers allegedly infiltrated systems using the cellular modem to manage the Bowman Avenue Dam near New York. Experts investigating the incident according to the information contained in a non-classified report of the Homeland Security Department stated that Iranian hackers did not take control of the dam. Experts, hackers to review the system of the dam to get information to perform an infiltration operation, he said.

It is pointed out that the infiltration of the dam system is taking place in 2013 when US banks are exposed to heavy cyber attacks. A year after the outbreak of the Stuxnet attack targeting Iran's nuclear facilities and alleged co-production with Israel and the US, hackers estimated to be Iranians had organized cyber attacks targeting American banks' Web sites.

From 2011 on, the Ministry of Homeland has warned critical infrastructure operators to take extra precautions when linking their systems internet. In the one-year period until September 2015, 295 cases of chimney cases were reported to the Ministry. In the previous period, this number remained at 245.

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