Huawei Expression Routers Support

Chinese telecommunications equipment maker Huawei has announced that it will not patch out the security gaps that are uncovered in WiMax routers.

Stating that some of them will not support defective products that are still on sale in many countries, the company has suggested removing these devices, which will not be corrected by users. The Chinese technology giant has also argued that this practice is in harmony with industry prtics.

Pierre Kim, a South Korean security researcher, publicly shared openings he found in tests he conducted on WiMax routers. Huawei suggested that the openings in the BM626e Kim, which he tested, are available in many other devices that use the same firmware.

These devices are selling in countries like Ivory Coast, Iran, Iraq, Libya, the Philippines, Bahrain and Ukraine. As the devices are configured by access providers, the user is not able to offer a workaround.

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