Hackers Have Headed The Central Bank President

The pepper attack on the Central Bank of Bangladesh led to the resignation of the bank president. President Atiur Rahman had to resign as the result of the chef attackers stealing $ 100 million from the bank's foreign exchange reserves.

Hackers stole funds from Bangladesh's Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FED) in February, but Rahman turned out to be hiding from the government. The finance minister of the country also announced that he learned from $ 100 million stealing newspapers.

According to information provided by the bank authorities to the media, hackers were able to learn the business processes within the organization and capture the user names and passwords of some officials. Acting like the bank's real employee, they made the first $ 100 million transfer, but other transfers were stopped because US bank employees realized that transfers were transferred to personal accounts. Hackers want to steal the total amount of $ 1 billion announced.

It turns out that the stolen money was transferred to accounts in Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

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