Google 13 Hazardous Application Excludes Play Store

Google removed 13 applications with malware from the Play Store. Hundreds of thousands of users have been downloaded by the applications described in the Brain Test malicious software family of malware has been expressed. It is not possible for malicious software that copies some files from the infected device to send it to another location, even if the device is reset to factory settings.

Affected applications were announced as Cake Blast, Jump Planet, Honey Comb, Crazy Block, Crazy Jelly, Tiny Puzzle, Ninja Hook, Piggy Jump, Just Fire, Eat Bubble, Hit Planet, Cake Tower and Drag Box. It is known that Brain Test malware, which was discovered in September of the first year we passed, succeeded in hiding twice in the applications in the Play Store, and it was downloaded 100 thousand in one and 500 thousand in the other.

Malicious applications can download new malicious software to the device before the user unknowingly increases the possibility of downloading by giving them a high rating. It has been stated that harmful applications can affect a million users.

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