First Time Can Be Broken Software Before An Electrical Circuit

There is still suspicion that the electricity interruption in the western part of Ukraine in the last week of last year is caused by malicious software installed in the systems. The Cyber ​​blamed Russia for interfering with the operation of the electric distribution company's systems, which were exposed to the attack, but there was no response from the Moscow administration.

Security experts have found that attackers use malware software platform called BlackEnergy to place malware called KillDisk in networks of electrical systems, which can erase and overwrite data files. The software continues to investigate whether there is a feature that disables the electrical system and hides the attack.

Cyber ​​attackers have been using different versions of BlackEnergy since 2007. Over the past two years, reports have been published that the group of hackers Sandworm, sponsored by the Russian government, is using BlackEnergy to conduct targeted attacks.

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