Banks 'New Minute' Rovnix '

Rovnix, which has been affected by European banks and placed among the top 10 anti-malware software to date, hit 14 brands in Japan this time. Spreading Rovnix with spam written in Japanese, which is thought to be unable to target more than one country, unlike malicious people like Dyre or Neverquest, caused a disturbance in the security mosque. The malicious zip file is installed on the device without the user knowing it.

Each bank-specific spam has a configuration that can infiltrate web pages by changing the script's infrastructure.

The malware, which can simulate the target bank's web page individually, can access the passwords by changing the original page and deceiving the user. In some cases, Rovnix can ask the user to install an Android application on their mobile device, which can take SMS, and receive transaction authorization codes from the bank. The group, which uses every language-specific configuration and mobile software, shows that it is prepared for attacks in every sense.

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