VeriPN Security News

Critical Opening in Openssh

During the past week, two serious security vulnerabilities were discovered in OpenSSH, the network protocol used for secure data transmission and used to remotely access SSH. The attackers who use the openings get access to the memory of the client who is thought to be connected to a secure server. In ....

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New Country Directed in Ddos?

The ultimate goal of the cybercriminals, who influenced to media companies, was the British journalist BBC. Just as the BBC was at the opening of the past year, this year also entered with a cheerleading attack. It was seen that the DDoS attack of the group New World Hacking was far above the attacks ....

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Banks 'New Minute' Rovnix '

Rovnix, which has been affected by European banks and placed among the top 10 anti-malware software to date, hit 14 brands in Japan this time. Spreading Rovnix with spam written in Japanese, which is thought to be unable to target more than one country, unlike malicious people like Dyre or Neverquest, ....

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Ddos'S Charges Laughed As Possible

DDoS proceeds to be one of the most popular attack methods for cyber attackers. Hackers, which set up special days when corporations enter into high yield expectation as strike date, can cause serious financial losses in some cases.

The last month was celebrated all over the world on February ....

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Social Media Shares Attention

In Australia, hackers used thousands of personalities to share their social media accounts and use this information to infect ransom software. It turns out that cyber attackers who use ransom software called Locky abused the information they shared from their social media accounts in, particularly prepared ....

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